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Integrative Cardiologist - Dr Jason Kaplan


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Integrative Cardiology in Sydney

Intergrative Cardiology provides care that is respectful of and responsive to the preferences, needs, and values of each patient. An integrative approach results in the best Cardiovascular Health outcomes.

Patients are encouraged to become active participants in all matters affecting their health and well-being through an emphasis on education, self-care, collaboration and shared decision making.

The Integrative approach focuses on caring for the whole patient.

Patients are encouraged to adopt and sustain health promoting lifestyle behaviors that are the foundation for achieving optimal Cardiovascular Health.

Through understanding and applying the principles of Cardiovascular, Nutritional, Functional, and Mind-Body Medicine, scientifically valid options are offered that include, but go beyond an emphasis on prescriptions and procedures.

NSW Cardiology

Ph: 02 8038 1080
Fax: 02 8038 1081
NSW Cardiology
Bank of New South Wales Building
Suite 1, Level 1
341 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
NSW Cardiology
Level 13, East Wing
St Vincent's Private Hospital
406 Victoria St
Darlinghurst NSW 2022

Cardiology at the Mater

Ph: 02 9923 7150
Fax: 02 9923 7160
Cardiology at the Mater
Suite 1.09 Mater Clinic
Enter via Rocklands Road
North Sydney NSW 2060